About Us


In Quechua meaning “sweet mouth” - captivating, just like Bolivia with its dreamlike landscapes and extra intense flavors.

We are a bolivian - german family-owned company, importing and distributing the best high-altitude wines and singani directly from the producers at the heart of South America.

Why Bolivia?

We are passionate about Bolivia, its extremely rich and diverse nature, people and culture. Our aim is to support the Bolivian grape and wine industry on which hundreds of families rely on, and that we believe is key in diversifying an economy that still relies on the exploitation of non-renewal materials.

What is our vision?

We work together with other entrepreneurs and want to create a platform that will bring Bolivia and Germany ultimately Europe together, showcasing Bolivia ́s highest quality products and placing it in the map not only as a wine country but as a producer of other excellent products as well as a magnificent destination.